TPO (Single ply) Roofing

Reasons to Consider TPO Roofing

Water resistant tpo membrane positioned on the roof. PVC and rubber membrane.

Whenever you want to install a single ply roofing on your business or home, you need to call a professional roofing contractor before making a decision. Thermoplastic olefin or TPO is a great option that people should consider.

TPO can be as strong and energy efficient as Polyvinyl chloride or PVC and a kind of synthetic rubber called EPDM or ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber. Despite that, it is significantly more affordable. The TPO roof can generally become capable of resisting the sun’s heat and UV rays just like the EPDM but with the ability in heat welding of PVC. Since TPO is quite new, it initially got introduced to the market of roofing approximately three decades ago as a highly efficient but more affordable alternative to roofing products made with PVC. The single ply TPO has a membrane made of thermoplastic polyolefin that has three layers:

  • Scrim of polyester-reinforced fabric center
  • Top ply compounded with thermoplastic polyolefin
  • TPO polymer base

Some of the common fillers of TPO are Metal Oxy Sulfate, wollastonite, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and talc. EPDM and ethylene-propylene rubber are the common rubbers that are in use in TPO. The use of TPO also has its disadvantages so it would be better to call a local company for roofing to check if you may use it on your home construction or commercial roofing project. While doing so, take some time to check out and investigate the advantages and disadvantages of TPO roofing.

TPO Roofing and Its Advantages

Highly Adaptable to a Variety of Home Styles

TPO may get constructed in a way that will allow it to appear great on different homes. It can be available in a lot of different colors and can resist UV at a strong level. All of the TPO colors can provide a variety of color options and energy savings even if it is not white.

Cost Effectiveness

It is desirable to acquire a TPO roofing in the construction of any business or home as it costs relatively low. In comparison to PVC, it is more affordable but can also provide a comparable ability to weld heated air and energy efficiency at a cost that is lower compared to PVC. In case you are in a tight budget, this option can be highly attractive as it not only allows people to save money on the construction of a home or an office but it also allows a bigger percentage of the budget to become allocated to different areas.

The Installation’s Simplicity

Since TPO can get placed together with the use of wide sheets and is often light, it results to minimal seams which makes the installation of the product more easier. In case you want to consider the use of a TPO roofing, you may spend less time working on any roofing project compared to the other options in roofing. Having less time to work on a project can significantly minimize the costs of labor and eventually allow you to save money.

Efficiency in Energy

Even if products that are friendly to the environment and saving money do not often go together, people may still achieve this through TPO roofing. TPO can minimize the cost for cooling because it can lessen carbon emissions and become resistant to the sun’s UV rays.The great thing when it comes to TPO roofing’s environmental impact is that it doesn’t just meet but also exceeds the Energy Star requirements of the EPA and the Cool Roof Rating Council gives it a high rating. Whenever it is summer, using this can minimize your bill in energy and provide assistance in making the home cool. In case you want to keep the home cool, save money, have concerns about the environment, or all of the above, we recommend the installation of the TPO roofing because of its outstanding efficiency in energy that can provide a significant boon to any possible purchaser.

Durability and Strength

TPO roofing is capable of resisting the growth of mold, tears, punctures, and any kind of build-up. Since this is a roofing product that is strong, it can eventually help people save money when it comes to repair and cleaning costs. Aside from this, TPO is also a recommended single ply product in roofing whenever roofs need to deal with contraction and expansion. Because of this great flexibility, people are allowed to have an extensive array of options whenever they need to have a building moved or set.

TPO Roofing and Its Disadvantages

TPO Roofs may not perform well whenever they get subjected to extremely high heat

You may be able to allow your office or home building become cooler and save a lot of money on energy costs when you avail of a TPO Roof. However, it may lead to serious issues whenever the heat becomes really high. In the southern states, it can be generally warmer the whole year compared to the northern states. Whenever solar loads increase way beyond the average amount or temperatures regularly get pushed to a level that is tremendously high, there is a high possibility that the TPO roofing will fail in withstanding any of these conditions. In case your reside in a climate wherein you regularly experience the aforementioned issues, it would be best to avoid choosing TPO roofing.


Even if there is proof that TPO roofing is durable and strong, you always need to remember that this technology is still relatively young. Since this is the case, there is continuous improvement in the formula used for TPO material’s production because a lot of the manufacturers are looking for a great balance in durability and affordability. As we go through this, there are some models of the TPO that had failures in the material and seam as these involved cracks. Even if constant improvements are being made, it may be impossible to become precisely aware of the length of time the TPO roofing product would be able to last.

Because of the uncertainty when it comes to its durability, you may end up choosing a different option for roofing. However, in case you want to use TPO, it is recommended to purchase it from a roofing company that is well-experienced and has an extensive knowledge regarding the material.

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