Standing Seam Metal Roofing

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Among the types of metal roofs that is free of maintenance and highly durable is the standing sea roof as it is capable of lasting for more than three decades. This standing seam roofing provide added benefits in energy reduction and can get easily installed over any existing material for roofing.

Roofing panels with the standing seam may have a design with a variety of radius profiles for the roof which is why it can be ideal for any structure that has several levels of roofs. It is a kind of metal for roofing that is composed of vertical panels with a couple of seams for every panel that can vertically stand. After it gets installed, it has shadow lines that dramatically run continuously from the eave to the ridge which eventually accents the plane and the pitch of every angle of the roof.

The Standing Seam Metal Roof and Its Installation

The metal roof with a standing seam may get installed or formed by the crimping of every adjacent seam into each other and sealing it into a join. Among the main purposes and advantages of this is the roof drain. Panels with a standing seam needs to get installed in a sequence only after the placement of the underlayment that is recommended.

It is essential to have underlayment so you need to make sure that you have chosen the correct one. It is recommended to utilize the product that is water and ice-shielded and capable of self-adhering. Most of the time, panels of the standing seam have a width of approximately 18 to 24 inches whenever it runs the parallel of the slope of the roof.

These panels then get connected to the underlayment through the use of fasteners or clips that allow the metal to contract or expand whenever there are changes in the temperature. The use of the crimping tool will allow it to crimp both seams to each other and keep on repeating the action of crimping until every panel gets seamed.

The following are four of the basic styles of standing seam panels made of metal:

Snap-Lock in Two Piece
Snap-Lock in One Piece
Seamed Mechanically
Seamed Mechanically and Symmetrically

Standing Seam Roofing and Its Advantages

Metal roofs with a standing seam can be the recommended choice for any roof even if it will get placed over an existing material for roofing. They can last for an extended time and is capable of lasting for more than twice the life of any roofing shingle. Standing seam and metal roofs get manufactured using copper, steel, and aluminum so you may have numerous alternatives that you can choose from. Whenever metal roofs get installed in a correct way, they require minimal or not maintenance for a long time and could be capable of withstanding winds that can reach a maximum of 140 miles per hour.

This kind of roof also offer properties that can be resistant to fire and does not collapse whenever there is heavy snow or water loads. Yet, you need to become careful in using the correct gauge so you can avoid any damage that hail may cause. Because of the reason that metal roofs may become manufactured in basically any kind of finish or color, it can be capable of matching any architectural need. Since the metal can reflect the rays of the sun, it can help in minimizing the transfer of heat inside the home. Most of the time, the roofing made of standing seam metal can help in minimizing the cost for cooling by around 30%

Standing Seam Roofing and Its Disadvantages

It may be great to use the standing seam metal roof as a wonderful alternative for your house but this may still have some disadvantages. It would be less costly to use shingles but the increase in oil prices is now making shingles a bit too expensive nowadays that their seam prices are very close.

An essential aspect that people need to take into consideration is that it might not be the recommended solution for roofing whenever the roof becomes too steep. It can be extremely dangerous for people to walk on any metal roof so it is essential for people to take the extreme measures in safety. The installation of metal roofs may also become difficult for roofs that have a lot of skylights, chimneys, vents, and equipment.

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