Rubber (EPDM) Roofing

The synthetic rubber called the EPDM rubber is capable of being flexible and highly durable. Because of this, it has an extensive range of applications which includes its use in vehicles wherein it seals the door, the window and the hoses of the cooling system, playgrounds, cold-rooms, and coatings that are non-slip for decks. EPDM rubber is a synthetic rubber that stays flexible and can withstand variations in temperature for decades. It is not like pure rubber that eventually becomes brittle whenever there are variances in temperature.

EPDM has been in use for roofing and this material can be incredible for this purpose because it has a combination of properties that are unique.

Geotextile support layer for pvc

Since EPDM has properties that are elastomeric and is a copolymer, it also means that it is a polymer that can become both elastic and viscous. Whenever it gets stretched, it can return back to its original shape. EPDM has a couple of the main components which came from oil and natural gas. These components are called propylene and ethylene.

What is the meaning of EPDM?

EPDM is a shortened name for the term ethylene propylene diene monomer. It got its name from the monomers which are chemicals that are mixed in different proportions for its formation. Oftentimes, the content ethylene is around 45% to 75%.

Even if the diene monomers just form a part of the EPDM’s composition that is small, it can provide cross-linking that can lead to great durability, resilience, and flexibility. EPDM has wonderful material properties that came from its mesh structure that is molecular which is why it can be unbeatable when it comes to resistance to aging and elasticity.

The EPDM Roofing

Flat roof with EPDM

EPDM roofing can be a term that can catch-all for various systems of roofing that consist of a rubber membrane in a single layer that may become utilized in conjunction with the other components which includes thermal insulation, vapor barriers, including accessories such as gravel guards, pipes, drainage, etc. When it comes to green roofs, this can be vegetation.

There are various ways EPDM may be in use. However, it really came to its own as a low-pitched and flat roof because of its resistance and strength against weathering. Aside from this, the EPDM sheeting may allow a consistent thickness and application all over the area of the roof.

Similar to the other elastomers, EPDM is capable of being resistant to tearing because it has a great tensile strength. EPDM is set apart when it comes to the suitability for roofing as it is able to withstand anything that the environment may throw at it such as extreme cold and heat because of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and the snow. Because of this, it remained unmatched when it comes to resisting weather making it highly ideal for roofing.

Ways the EPDM may be utilized

For centuries, rubber has been utilized in a variety of different applications. Synthetic versions eventually appeared in the 20th century. Even if natural rubber may crack and degrade whenever it gets exposed to extreme conditions, it now has synthetic alternatives that may get engineered to have various qualities that are tailored to a lot of purposes.

The year 1962 was the time when EPDM first got introduced in the USA. Since that time, numerous industries were able to adopt it for various applications such as eco-roofs and electrical insulation to hydraulic brake systems and HVAC. That is because it is highly capable of withstanding numerous conditions of weather that are influenced mechanically and thermally.

Even if this article’s main focus is on EPDM roofing, there are a lot of different ways EPDM products may be in use whenever renovation or construction projects are involved.

Green Roofs

If you want to utilize your roof space in a manner that is friendly to the environment, you may have a green roof. It doesn’t just make the roof look great but it can also improve the quality of water, create a habitat for the wildlife, minimize noise pollution, and help in saving energy. It is ideal to use EPDM membranes as the green roof’s waterproofing base because they are root-resistant, long-lasting, and factory-fabricated.

Water Tanks and Their Liners

Since it is likely for the EPDM’s molecules to become packed tightly, it eventually become really hard for the water as well as the vapor to pass through. Because of this, it can become ideal for use in biogas tanks and lining water. Aside from that, it does not crack or shrink over time.

Liners of Ponds

Having water outdoors whether it’s a stream, a water feature, or a pond, can be great in the creation of an ambiance that feels natural and relaxing outdoors. It can be really easy to do this with the use of EPDM pond liners. It doesn’t just pre-assemble pond liners so they can get easily and quickly installed. This also lasts for more than three decades. Aside from that, it does not have any toxic substances and can be highly resistant to leach which is why it can be great for birds, plants, fish, or any kind of wildlife.

Solar Panels on Roofs

It can be possible for people to consider installing solar panels on roofs whenever they utilize a roofing material that has a long service life. Since EPDM’s service life is more than five decades, it is a great candidate for roofing.

Waterproofing of Balconies, Terraces, and Facades

The use of EPDM to waterproof any facade can provide great opportunities for any architect who would want to blur the usual boundaries of the building and its envelope design. By providing the walls and the roof with a transition that is seamless, surfaces that are smooth, and edges that are soft, the EPDM can be a great solution for every need in waterproofing.

After exploring the different application of EPDM roofs including its use in waterproofing and roofing, you will see that this product has a great history and a lot of uses.

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