PVC Roofing

PVC roofing membranes offer numerous advantages that can be highly impressive in the market for single-ply roofs making it stay unmatched by any of its competitors. Some of its notable benefits include its great strength and durability as well as the resistance to moisture, chemicals, wind, and fire.

PVC Membrane’s Installation on a Flat Roof

PVC roofs are often chosen by homeowners who want to have a system that is ecologically friendly installed over the flat or low slope roof. Every time the removal of the old roof is needed, the total cost of the installation may be higher depending on the scope.


Roofs made of PVC are engineered specifically to become strong and to ensure the membrane’s extended life of service. It is required by the ASTM or American Society of Testing and Materials to have a membrane for roofing that has breaking strength at a minimum of 200 pounds for every inch.

Roofing membranes made of PVC are capable of passing this standard as all of them have a breaking strength which is a minimum of 350 pounds for every inch

Hot Air Welded Seams and Its Durability

Because of the hot air welded seams feature, it allows roofing membranes made of PVC to become exceptionally durable, strong,with a high impermeability against moisture. Seams welded with hot air can form a bond that is watertight and permanent which can actually be stronger compared to the membrane. Since this is the case, PVC roofs can be more advantageous in comparison to other roofing systems that usually depend on caulks, tapes, and adhesives in order to make the seams sealed. Because of this, they can be inherently and significantly less durable compared to the PVC.

Service Life that is Long

Because of their exceptional strength and durability, PVC roofs often provide a long life of service. Whenever it gets installed properly, it can be possible for the PVC roof to last for more than two decades. It may not even require a lot of maintenance during its life of service. Because of this, whenever people invest money on a roofing membrane made of PVC, they may eventually save thousands of dollars on expensive repairs and maintenance in the following years.

Chemical Resistance

Heat welding pvc roof

Commercial buildings that have a PVC roof like facilities for manufacturing will not have any problems in roofing when it gets exposed to chemicals. That is because PVC can be very resistance against damage from chemicals. Aside from this, the animal fat from the restaurants’ grease vents may eventually damage roofs based on asphalt including other roofing membranes with a single-ply. Despite this, it will not make a negative impact on the membrane made of PVC.

Wind Resistance

Because of the heat used in welded seams including its inherent strength, PVC roofs provide great resistance to wind uplift. A lot of the in-service membranes were able to survive hurricanes under Category 3. The recommended choice for especially high-rise and low buildings that are located in places that often experience strong winds is the PVC roof because of its strong wind resistance.

Fire Resistance

The rating in fire-resistance of PVC roofing membranes is solid as this kind of roof can be hard to ignite. It does not support combustion, burns slowly, and can extinguish on its own once the flame’s source is removed. These roofing membranes made of PVC have slope approval which is unlimited and were able to pass the fire testing of UL and FM.

Friendly to the Environment

PVC roofing membranes have numerous environmental benefits and one of them is the membranes significant solar reflectivity that can minimize energy waste and AC load. It can also lessen the costs for cooling and heating because of the insulation. Aside from these, it can help in mitigating the effect of heat in urbanized areas.

Aside from these, vinyl is also among the few materials for building that people can recycle fully into new products even if they were used for decades.


Membranes made of PVC underwent manufacturing so it can stay watertight in conditions that may be extreme. The membrane is capable of withstanding low and high alkaline conditions, water ponding, and constant dampness. Aside from this, PVC roofing membranes do not experience any negative impact whenever it gets exposed to bacteria, plant roots, and fungi.


Sika Sarnafil is a manufacturer of the commercial PVC membrane that can provide PVC membrane at prices similar to the TPO membrane.

IB Roof creates flat roofing membranes made with PVC which are applied on commercial and residential buildings. Based in Eugene, Oregon, IB Roof allows the installation of its products not only on the West Coast but also all over the country.

PVC Membranes and Their Availability of a Variety of Colors

PVC membranes include a product line that has membranes capable of reflecting the sun’s heat that got rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Membranes that are commercial-grade are available with thicknesses that range from 60 mil to 80 mil and membranes that are residential-grade have thicknesses that come in 50 mil.

The available membranes can be in several various colors which includes white that is solar-reflective.

DeckShield is a product for specialty flat roof decking that can be available for flat roof decks that people can walk on.

Another manufacturer of PVC roofing is Duro Last that caters to the market for commercial roofs. The membranes of Duro Last can be available in the following thicknesses: 60, 40, and 50 mil.

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