Metal Roofing

Whenever you consider to purchase a roof for your house, you may need to consider a lot of things such as cost, style, materials, and installation. Whenever you need to weigh your options, systems in metal roofing often provide a great alternative to the traditional shingles made of asphalt. Here are the things you need to think about before making any decision:

Metal Roofing and Its Benefits

Metal roofing on a white house

Longer Lifespan and Improved Energy Efficiency

Even if the metal roof is more expensive compared to the traditional asphalt, it has a longer lifespan. Roofs made of metal can last around three to five decades longer compared to other roofing materials which will allow you to save money. Aside from that, you may add cool-metal roofing that utilizes a solar coating that is reflective and designed to lessen the buildup of heat and minimize the cost of air conditioning.

Less Environmental Impact

Annually, asphalt roofing shingles generate approximately 13.2 million tons of waste annually all over the United States. Because of this, metal is the option considered to be more friendly to the environment. Metal can also be 100% recyclable and can be created with a minimum of 25% the recycled material which may depend on the kind of metal.

Different Types of Metal Roofing

Corrugated metal roof

Metal roofs may come from various alloys and metals which include terne (zinc-tin-alloy), zinc, copper, aluminum, and steel.


This metal can typically have a higher price compared to steel but it comes with added resistance. A sheet metal of aluminum can be easy for any contractor to install and form as it can be really lightweight. Even if the aluminum is a material that is lighter and thinner, it is still capable of replicating the strength of metals that are much thicker and it is still highly durable.

Among the aluminum roof’s most significant selling points is that it minimally corrodes and does not produce red rust as it ages. According to numerous studies, aluminum is capable of working well in coastal areas that often experience the conditions where there is the spray of seawater and lots of rainfall. Despite that, since aluminum is a material that is typically thinner, it can be more prone to dents.


Zinc has its own protective layer outside that can help in the prevention of panel markings, scratching, and corrosion. Whenever wind or other elements scratch the zinc roof’s surface, the protective layer of the metal can eventually correct and fix itself. It has been known that zinc roofs are capable of lasting for six to ten decades.


Copper is a long-lasting metal that is capable of lasting for up to ten decades. Since it can be really soft, copper can be a quieter option whenever there is heavy rain. Despite that, copper can be really expensive and it may acquire a patina that is greenish over time. There may be people that find this attractive but some people are not fond of hues that transition.


Steel roofs have three variations which include corten or weathering steel, galvalume, and galvanized steel. Because of the variety of its color options, steel is now one of the metal roofing materials that is most common. It is also popular because it provides durability in the long-term with low weight and great strength. They may even allow the creation of different looks that can perfectly complement any home.

In comparison to the other types of metal, steel is often more affordable depending on its color, thickness, as well as the quality of the panels that you desire.

Despite these, steel also has a downside. If the house is located near the coast and is constantly exposed to the spray of salted water, it would be better to avoid using galvanized steel as it is possible for it to corrode in these conditions.

Could metal roofs be efficient in energy?

Sheet metal

As per the Alliance for Metal Roofing, metal is among the available roofing materials that are highly energy efficient. It can help people save a maximum of 40% in energy consumption. Aside from that, it has numerous finish options that can help in providing more savings in energy. Whenever metal is basically unpainted, it can reflect more of the solar radiation compared to the asphalt roof which usually absorbs and stores the heat. In case your home is in a warmer climate, it is recommended to avail the granular coated or painted metal roofing system as it does not just reflect the solar energy but also allows the home to become cool as it re-emits most of the absorbed solar radiation.

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