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Orezona Building & Roofing is known to be one of the best residential roofing contractors in Corvallis, OR. One of our goals is to provide homeowners and business owners like you a roof that provides a long-term solution over your head.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the roofing industry, we have been serving Corvallis and its surrounding areas through the rain, storm, and heat. Being locally owned and operated has its benefits, one being the fact that we are able to get materials which are the best in the industry at a relatively cheap price due to old relationships established in the area. We pass on the savings to our customers which we highly value and appreciate, supporting Orezona Building & Roofing to all these years.

Our employees have an extensive wealth of knowledge in the art of installing a roof We have made sure to give our crew the best training in the world that does not only assure a high-quality roof for our customers but also keeps them safe and secure, for we follow best practices when tending to any roofing project. Know What Others Are Saying About Our Services! 

When it comes to rendering a roofing service to your property, we do not simply consider the basic considerations such as the roofing type, roofing materials, and style. We always go beyond the basic, while other companies are using just four nails – we are using six nails on the same roof just in case there is a more powerful hurricane in the next decade. At Orezona Building & Roofing, we truly look after the future of our customers up ahead.

In Oregon, some parts experience a lot of rain, while other areas fall within the dry-summer subtropical climate zone. Aside from that, we also take into consideration any specific building code or permit requirement in your area before we proceed with our operation. Such things are taken into account in order to guarantee not just functionality and beauty, but also the safety and structural integrity.

Apart from our high-quality service and immense attention to details, we are sought by property owners of Oregon because:

  • Free Roofing Estimates
  • Licensed, Accredited, & Insured Roofing Contractors
  • We Do Not Simply Settle for Good Enough
  • We Establish Relationship Built on Professionalism and Honesty
  • We Do Things the Right at First Hire – No Need to Chase Leftover Repairs

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You Can Count On the Orezona Team

Orezona Building & Roofing is not simply known for our expert roof repair services, for we are also highly sought by customers for our other services, including:

Excellent Roof Maintenance

Accurate Roof Leak Detection

Complete Siding Replacement

Precise Windows Installation

Here in Orezona Building & Roofing, our passion is to provide you with impeccable roofing services that will relieve any frustration you may have with your prior roofing experience with other roofing companies. Our roof specialists are natural problem solvers who can easily detect what others have missed in detecting and dispensing the necessary roofing solution your residential or commercial roofing really needs.

Our years of experience in the roofing industry allows us to provide you with extensive and reliable roofing services such as residential roofing and commercial roof installation, roof maintenance, roof repair, and roof replacement. In addition to our highly sought roofing services, we also do siding and windows project, whether it concerns installation, repair, or replacement. Thus, making us your one-stop destination for all your home’s exterior needs, allowing you to save time and effort of hiring multiple contracting companies.

 When you choose us as your roofing company, you will be assured that your roofing project will be performed correctly and completed within a justifiable turnaround time. We will be more than happy to communicate to you every detail of our service, even if it is still in the early stage of the roofing project.

It’s important that you have a roofing company here in Corvallis, Oregon and its nearby communities that you fully trust when considering your next roof investment. Please Contact Orezona Building & Roofing and refer any of your roofing, siding, and windows concerns to our certified roof specialists. We are more than willing to serve you. Contact us today!

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