Hot Tar and Gravel Roofing

Things People Need to Become Aware Of When It Comes to Roofs Made of Tar and Gravel

Flat roof with gravel

Roofs that have tar and gravel are often composed of sheets based in asphalt, as well as roofing felt and hot tar in layers that are laminated. The layer at the topmost has a lining of a light-colored gravel that is capable of providing protection against damage from the sun because it is capable of reflecting some of the light that comes from the sun. In case you reside in a home that has a flat roof, it is recommended to have it covered with gravel and tar. These are some of the things that you need to consider before you decide if this is the recommended option when it comes to your home’s roof.

The Advantages of Tar and Gravel

When it comes to all of the available options for flat roofs, the roof made of tar and gravel may be among the most friendly to a person’s budget. Aside from that, whenever it gets repaired and maintained regularly, it can lead to a lifespan of up to three decades. It can also provide a great protection against the UV rays of the sun and is highly energy efficient which can be a recommended option for decks and windows that are overlooking the roof. Gravel may also be great in resisting fire and it has surfaces that can make the light scatter and not absorb it so the roof will become cooler during the summer. Roofs made of gravel and tar can provide a wonderful return on investment since it can last for a long time and is inexpensive. Aside from these, since the material is strong, the needed repairs may be less frequent.

The Disadvantages of Tar and Gravel

Since roofs made of gravel and tar can be really heavy, there may be a need to have the roof’s supports strengthened before it gets applied. Aside from this, whenever it gets regularly exposed to the strong sun, it may end up damaging the membrane of the roof whenever it gets left without the covering of gravel. Because of this, it is not recommended to install it in places that often experience a lot of rain and snow. There may also be some occasions when roofs made of tar and gravel can become prone to leakage especially whenever the underlayments don’t get installed correctly. Having it installed improperly may allow it to get significantly damaged which is why we highly recommend tar and gravel roofs to get installed by professionals. Moreover, since flat roofing can be prone to depressions and ponding on the roof, it may end up affecting the slope’s drainage and allow the continuous polling of water.

Maintenance and Repair

Flat roof with gravel and skylight

Whenever the roof needs maintenance to make sure that the home is well-protected against any form of damage, roofs made of tar and gravel would need to undergo maintenance regularly so it will have an extended lifespan. The gravel needs to get check at least once every year as whenever the surface of the roof gets exposed, it may end up accelerating the roof’s deterioration. It is important to add gravel wherever it is necessary. You also need to remove any debris from leaves that may eventually build up. Because of the flat roof, rain may not be able to wash down any of the leaves that may fall on it. Because of this, it can lead to ponding which occurs whenever the water stays on the surface of the roof for more than a couple of days.

In case there is a need for roof maintenance, we recommend that you acquire the services of a professional roofer as they can maintain your roof safely and give you advice regarding your roof’s health and span of life.

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