Flat Roofing

Whenever there is a need to have the flat roof replaced, it should not be similar to the purchase of a new coffee blend for the office. It is important to avoid making a decision on this based on just a whim. Whenever you want to have your flat roof replaced, it is important to do the necessary research with regards to the best materials that could fit your budget and needs.

Since the marketplace is full of options, the decision on the recommended materials for flat roofs may become difficult. Orezona Building & Roofing Company is here to provide assistance as our company is composed of expert roofers that also specialize in the replacement and coatings for flat roofs.

Commercial Types of Roofing Materials that are High-Performing

Whenever there is a need to analyze various types of commercial roofing materials, you need to become aware of every option including their ease in maintenance, bottom line price, as well as their ease in maintenance. Here is a break down of the best and most popular roof materials commercially available that you need to consider whenever you need to have your flat roof replaced.

Metal Roofing

Metal roof

The commercial metal roof with a standing seam can be the best choice for buildings that have a slope that is more than a couple of inches. That is because metal is not similar to most of the commercial types of roofing. Because of the material’s nature and complicated process of installation, metal can be the roof type that is most expensive to install. Despite that, metal roofing has a very long lifespan as it can last for two to three decades. Since metal is highly durable, it can be immune to any cracks that may affect roofs of a single-ply. However, there is still a possibility for metal roofs to become susceptible to leaks that may occur around the edges and seams of the roof.

PVC Roofing

Roofing PVC rools

Lots of projects prefer the use of the PVC roofing as the market’s best material for flat roofs. This kind of roofing may have a price that is more expensive compared to other commercial roofing materials with a single-ply. Despite that, the price still offers numerous benefits. Since there is a reinforced membrane in PVC, it is possible for the roof to become resistant whatever impact damage that includes cracking which often shortens the single-ply roofs’ lifespan. This kind of roofing is among the best materials for flat roofs because it requires minimal maintenance and has a lengthened span of life. Aside from this, it may become similar to the TPO roofing that can have the reflective color of white. This can become useful as it can dramatically lessen the energy bills.

Modified Bitumen Roof

In comparison to other materials in commercial roofing, modified bitumen is capable of standing out as an option that is friendly to the people’s budget. Roofs made of modified bitumen utilize an asphalt membranes as the roof’s base. Because of this, the surface becomes susceptible to blisters and cracks which could eventually reduce its usual lifespan to just ten to fifteen years. Even if the lifespan can be less compared to the highly advanced options, its low price allows modified bitumen to become one of the best materials for flat roofs that businesses can use.


Surfaced roof coating

Here is a highly famous type of roof that is also one of the highly recommended materials that people can install on flat roofs. The TPO roof is not just an option that is inexpensive but it also has a relatively decent lifespan of one to two decades. Moreover, these roofs coated in white is also capable of saving energy similar to roofs made of PVC. Aside from this, TPO often requires minimal maintenance compared to EPDM roofs because its seams are welded with heat for the prevention of leaks.

Restoration of the Roof

Even if our company is well experienced in tearing off roofs and having them fully replaced, we usually recommend the use of the commercial restoration of roofs as an effective alternative. It is based on a roof coating solution that allows leaks as well as other damaged areas to get fixed and keeps the roof well protected for another ten years or more. We have coatings for roof restoration that can complete have the damaged and old roof covered to essentially create a roof that may appear as if it is new.

Get More Information about the Recommended Materials for Flat Roofs

In case you think you need to get a new roof or you would like to explore the restoration of the roof as a cost-effective alternative, it may be a big decision that could have a significant impact on your business or residence. It is crucial to undergo consultation and research before you decide on having the roof completely replaced including the best materials for flat roofs that could be great for your situation.

At Orezona Building & Roofing Co., you’ll get a team of contractors that have more than two decades of combined experience and treat every project like it is their own. The company is dedicated to provide excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. Aside from that, we always make sure that our prices are always honest and fair.

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