Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Whenever you have any plans to have your roof replaced with a cost-effective, weather-resistant, and highly appealing material for roofing, make sure to check out asphalt shingles as these are highly recommended and very popular.

In the residential market for roofing that is currently very competitive, there may be numerous options that people can choose from. Despite that, among the choices that are most popular are the asphalt shingles. Even if it may not be as long-lasting and heavy-duty compared to the premium alternatives for roofing such as slate, copper, steel, or aluminum, asphalt shingles can still provide enough curb appeal and attention at a price that is so much lower in comparison to the other mentioned options.

When it comes to asphalt roof shingles, they often come in a couple of varieties:


Close up of new rubber roof tiles

Shingles made of fiberglass have a coating of a layer of asphalt and synthetic glass that can make them reliably waterproof.


Shingles that are organic are made with asphalt coated paper waste for the purpose of waterproofing, ceramic fragments that are embedded on the shingle’s top, and salt coatings that are adhesive.

In case you are wondering which could be best for your home, even if organic shingles can be more durable compared to their counterparts made of fiberglass, these can be less friendly to the environment and more flammable because it contains asphalt, that is oil-based, at a high level. The use of fiberglass shingles can provide great protection against fire which is why it is gradually becoming a better option in comparison to the organic shingles.

In case you are unsure if the asphalt shingles can be great for your home, here are the advantages of using asphalt shingles in comparison to the other options for roofing:

• Asphalt shingles have a decent level of protection and has an average lifespan of two to two and a half decades. Because of the upfront cost that may be modest, it can provide value that is affordable.
• Due to the asphalt shingles’ relatively minimal upfront cost they may be a roofing option in the short-term that is most affordable
• Has a significantly minimal cost of installation compared to what you need to pay for any specialty system of roofing such as slate and metal.
• It has a wide array of colors to choose from that can fit the siding of your home.
• Asphalt shingles also has various styles that has different profiles which are: premium, dimensional or architectural lamination, and the least expensive and basic three-tab.
• You may choose to have limited warranties
• There are numerous patterns that are available which can allow people to create a look that is attractive and customized which can enhance the appeal of the curb.
• You may choose to have limited warranties
• The availability of numerous patterns that will allow anyone to make a customized and attractive look which can eventually enhance the appeal of the curb.
• This can be light enough that it may get installed on any kind of roof without the need for additional support in just several days.
• Any roofing contractor who is highly knowledgeable can easily have this installed.

Here is a list of the disadvantages that you need to take into consideration before you choose the asphalt shingles:

• In case the asphalt shingles came from cheaper grades, they may become vulnerable to the uplift of the wind.
• Whenever the ventilation of the attic is not up to par, the shingles may easily get damaged.
• It may become necessary for the shingles to undergo repairs and maintenance.
• Whenever the fluctuation of the temperature is at an extreme, it may not be able to resist weather well and make the colors crack or appear washed out.
• In comparison to the other roofing alternatives for residential properties that are more sustainable, its service life is relatively short.
• Since the product is based on petroleum, it can be a roofing solution that is not friendly to the environment.

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